A brief history

by alyssa bozekowski

Here is my working artist statement.

The creativity of the subconscious mind and the narrative dream-states that we create are what I have explored in my most recent body of work. I analyze these narratives to construct altered, illogical scenarios that are based in realistic settings. The basis of the photographs in connection to the dreams is not necessary only to give me, as a maker, a creative hand. I want my viewers to pull from their own dream experiences and create their own narrative with my photographs.
The process of recording and analyzing these dreams are a key element to the construction of the spaces I create. I search for elements in each dream that are visually valuable which I then elaborate upon to emphasize a feeling or mood within the piece. I utilize each space and composition adding found or fabricated objects for the purpose of heightening the peculiar narrative in each photograph. Such as the photograph, which depicts a dreary day, set out in the middle of a field somewhere in the mid-west. There is a field spotted with snow. In the middle of the photograph is a mutilated deer. You see that the deer’s front two legs are the only thing propping itself up. The deer has no head; you can see down the hole where the head was and realize this is a fake deer. The deer is slightly horizontal to the viewer and you see the side of the deer has been used for target practice, having bullet holes scattered profusely around its mid torso. On the horizon you see a small house and a patch of trees to the right fading off into the distance. The sky is a drab gray, the landscape feels cold.
I explore what happens when foreign objects invade a known or realistic space with an intention of conscious alteration to the atmosphere. Using realistic settings this brings an ‘interior’ mystery to this false reality. The body of work will create an unchained narrative of bizarre settings that speak of an ambiguous space where all of these illogical scenarios could take on their own form.






These are a few of the photographs I created last August to December of 2008.

I’m still throwing around titles for the images and the body of work.



Here are a select few images that I have been shooting over the past few months. I just got back 30 sheets of film today! So I will be scanning all of tomorrow with PLENTY of images to post.

I hope this gives you an idea of what my current work is shaping up to be. Please if you want to see more of my work look at my *inprogress* website http://www.alyssabozekowski.com/Home.html