Ode to Jack

by alyssa bozekowski

I have acquired Jack Kerouac’s “Book Of Dreams” as inspiration of how to keep viewing my own dreams in a new light. To also exercise my ideas on how to write about dreams and how they can be great stories of chaos and wonder all in one paragraph.

Before I lay my thoughts to rest for tonight, I have read a few pages and snippets of Jack’s subconscious and would like to share this great story with you

“ON A RAILROAD OR RAIL TRAVEL MACHINE or just flying straight thru the rail of space I see California in the night along the way, a chaingang of very recognizable hoboes and winos like on 3rd street and with ordinary but flushed-with-drinking American faces like Conductor Fields, they’re in chains, sadistic fat guards have them completely sick & trembling, I see them being pushed and maltreated just for fun, but only vaguely in the gloom and I distinctly hear a loud cry” You win! You win!” as apparently a guard was torturing a poor devil just to hear some such outcry-I feel sick-just 2 clocks along, where cars are parked on a slant like in the Middlewest wheat towns but in pink neon California Road I see two separate fist fights between tiny children, with adults watching, fighting between the cars-young kids & children, it is the Machine in all its glory-I wake up horrified-nightmares are paranoia- ” (pg. 17, Jack Kerouac)

Maybe the kids looked like this