When Grandpa Died. Day 1

by alyssa bozekowski

I will be graduating here on May 16th 2009 and attending MCAD you have your senior project to complete which is a body of work that shows what you have done/learned/accomplished over the last 4years. My show is going to be about the most recent body of work I have been creating for over the last year which are altered spaces & constructed landscapes that I have transformed that are based off of my dreams.

So with this blog I am going to take advantage of posting my work along with a daily dream journal entry. So you all get to hear about my unusual dreams.

That being said

Dream 3/24/2009

When Grandpa died:

Recently I visited both sets of my grandparents in New England/Dickinson, ND. I went there to actually photograph their old houses for my senior project. Funny that now, today, in the morning, months after this event it created its own dream.

In my grandparent’s house, this old, dark wooden house, we were eating breakfast. It was too dark in the kitchen; all the corners were dark black I could barely see my grandparents face. Really I didn’t recognize them, their faces were too distorted by darkness, it was just too unclear to see anything. But there we were eating breakfast, as my grandma had made a quiche, the best quiche I have eaten, because really who doesn’t love their grandmothers meals? We were having a discussion, I can’t remember what about, but all of a sudden there was a sense of urgency, of ‘time to go.’ Someone was rushing us out of their house and I had to leave and find my way back home. It was the three of us running along this cold, winter road. We were not in the small town of Dickinson that they live, it was in the middle of a field, close to a forest of some sort. My grandma was pulling my grandpa along. I was standing back watching them. All of a sudden my grandmother was further along than my grandfather and she looked back saying “Ray come on! You have to get past this ice!” So my grandfather, more feeble than I remember being, and a crouched over, a crippled man now, attempted to step onto this circle patch of ice. At once, when his foot hit the ice he collapsed and fell on his bottom. His legs were the size of his bones and bowed. Once he lost his placing of his feet I saw his pelvic bone just crash into the ice. There was a spark from the bones hitting the ice that gave a blue glow. There were sharp shapes that made up his body now and once hitting the ice it all shattered. His cry was frightening and quiet. There was an exchange between my grandfather and my grandmother, as Ray looked over at her I began to wake up.

Photographic inspiration: