Thursday April 16th

by alyssa bozekowski

For Thursday our Senior Project class had a visiting artist come and sit in on our critique to add to our discussion of our work, to also give another viewpoint to what we have been so immersed in for the last few months, year/years.

Paula McCarteny is a local photographer here in Minneapolis. I think you all should check out her work on her website:

Talking with Paula about my work was very helpful, I think speaking about the series with new minds has been the most beneficial because I have been struggling talking and writing about the work so it has just been pushing and progressing my thoughts and how I am talking about the photographs. It was very refreshing having a new voice because, I love my professors, but I have been working on this series for almost a year now with the same colleagues and mentors I feel it is so important and refreshing as a maker to get other opinions about your work… it also left me with more energy! I’m excited to work and that is the best.