The Start of a Long Road

by alyssa bozekowski

Well hopefully with this new beginning I can actually keep this thing going.

In May I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, I spent the summer in Minneapolis, close to uptown, I was just working and taking time off from that big question of what am I going to do now? Well August rolled around and I had to decide if I wanted to stay in Minneapolis. I guess like most college kids now-a-days I moved home back with my parents. Home is in Littleton, CO, so my parents came up and helped me move all my crap back. Its been 2 weeks now and I’m all moved in, settled, it is good to be  home for some reasons some not so good. It is just always something different when having been a grown adult, on your own, taking care of your own house, doing your own thing, having a life and then having to be brushed back a few years, to age 16, where you still have little say with your parents and the things going on around the house. Really I’m just used to caring about me, my own island. That independence is somewhat gone. But it is not all that bad, really I am looking forward to getting healthy, working out, that time that I usually spent with friends, going out, and pushing things off that need to be done can now get done.

The best thing about moving home is all my time is dedicated to ME.

Of course there are other people in my life but the focus will be me getting back on my feet, saving money, reducing stress, being healthy above all. I don’t know how long it will take, saving money will be the the time consumer. The reason I moved home was money (of course) because my list of things I need as a photographer are endless and will surely go on forever. First and foremost I need to save up for a computer I have my eye on the Macbook Pro 15″

I have already upgraded my digital camera to the Nikon D200 and got a wonderful deal on it. Now the last things I need are a medium format camera, some lenses, and a scanner.

By the end of all of this hopefully I won’t go over $6,8oo………… boy oh boy is photography expensive. This is why I’m home, to put all the money I would have spent on rent to camera equipment now.

(That is also calculating that most of the lens are used and the price is reduced considerably)

Well now I just need to make money. I have a part time job it pays a whopping $7.50 an hour… I think along with the health care plan, that is being heavily debated over within the last few months, after it I think we should begin talking about wages and cost of living. How the price of living and goods have gone up, not to mention my interest rate on my credit cards and my student loans, but for working American’s their wages haven’t risen close to the percentage that the cost of living has. They should go hand in hand. Such bullshit. But anyway, I am building and perfecting my website right now so that I can start job searching for something better paying, fingers crossed, because I know I probably won’t find something for a while.

Check out what I have up so far, it’s very simple but I hope when complete with will be clean, sleek, and simple which will highlight my work. CheckIT