by alyssa bozekowski

I had a dream that we were at a party, and by ‘we’ it includes myself, my sister, and various other friends of mine. There was a long hallway, maybe next to a courtyard? It had pillars and seemed to run along a long ranch home. My father was there. We were hanging out, I remember saying something to my dad and having somewhat of a conversation with him, nothing that I would really talk to him about. He was sitting on the end of a couch and out of nowhere came a computer and he had it on the arm of the couch and was typing on it. The arm of the sofa was round and as he was typing on the laptop it started to slip, falling off the arm. My sister and I all of sudden yelped “Dad!” and the laptop fell to the floor but it didn’t hit hard it slide down and landed on the case and sweaters that were on the ground very gracefully. My dad responds “What?” I look at Ashley our dad is wasted/high or some kind of intoxicated. For some reason I remember in my dream knowing that my dad had snorted cocaine earlier. I believe we left the party trying to get my dad out of there. He was childish and a teenager I remember feeling really weird knowing my father like that. I felt immense disappointment as if I was the one that made him wasted. I also remember knowing in my dream that at that moment in the party my father had relapsed, he was 50 in the dream but acting as a teenager. My father has been sober for 22 plus years now




My father & mother late 70’s?