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Month: December, 2009

the christmas movie list


Talking heads

On my trips to Boulder, CO I’ve been listening to a lot of talking heads lately. Found MGMT’s version


Well this is just lovely

Eric Wareheim

I was just introduced to Major Laser and Eric Wareheim’s videos. Eric has produced two of Major Laser’s videos here they are…. they are unbelievable lol

You might know Eric from the Tim and Eric show

Major Lazer \”Pon De Floor\”

zach galifianakis + kanye west


Me & Phil share the same love

I am so thrilled to find Phil’s site but also jealous because I love the idea. I am also happy to find someone who is in love with lowfi photography as much if not more, what beautiful finds are on this site!

check Phil’s photography finds on UltraLowOxygen

LOOVE the Random button

Sea life

A bizarre & disturbing, yet beautiful video of starfish and other sea life eating a dead seal. Life is so amazing

michael kenna

I found Michael Kenna\’s work and feel in love. Since it is winter here in Colorado it has perfect timing for me, it also revives fond memories of growing up in North Dakota where winters do look like that 

I love the quality and detail of the photos too Micheal, always an appreciator of film


Starting my friday night off right with one of my favorites songs from Passion Pit

Basement Jaxx- My Turn

A dancing bear… count me in.