by alyssa bozekowski

The dream was based on the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy, which I read over a year ago but probably was brought to my consciousness/unconsciousness by the opening of the film that they just produced based on the book. Anyway it had that feeling that I got from reading the book only more ‘airy.’ We were up in the sky on a lone road that was held up on wooden pillars, actually the whole road was wooden, wooden planks. My father was driving our Ford Escape, it was a one-way road. For some reason I imagined it going in a circle, a circular road up in the sky that was pretty expansive. My whole family was there in the car. As we came along the continuous turn there was a spot where everyone had gotten off the road (don’t know where the cars went) but piled out and sat out on the hill that this road circled around. So the road circled a grassy hill in the middle of the sky that people were camping on and laying out in blankets. We did the same, we were there for a while, don’t know what we were doing but we laid out our blankets and sat for a while. It reminded me of what it was like to take walks with my father. For whatever reason we started to head back, got in the car again, and started back on the road. The planks were spread out from each other, I remember looking down at the ground and seeing these poorly nailed together planks of wood. There were spots in the road that ended, gaps, with only two planks of wood connecting us to the continuous road. We went over these carefully, I remember looking out of the car making a mental note of how the construction of the road was shit, I knew for some reason that this was built by the Italians? and said something out load such as “these are made poorly, the Italians wanted to make shitty roads” or something along those lines, we just kept driving.