by alyssa bozekowski

I just recently visited the Denver Art Museum and saw the exhibition Embrace! on display now till April 4th. I saw some amazing artists that I wanted to share with you

My favorites were:

Zhong Biao– ‘His work focuses on China’s social reform using visual symbols familiar in contemporary Chinese culture, he creates visualizations through paradoxical images, combining scenes from different eras or contrasting colors in the same image. His dynamic paintings capture the mood of the times in China, a society rooted in tradition but also fascinated by change.’ His piece Mirage is featured in the exhibition, I appreciate the scale and detailed technique of Biao’s painting, the one thing I loved about the piece was the connecting wall that was filled floor to ceiling with 16ft+ mirrors he really created a space that made me interact with the content. The multimedia & video was engaging I found myself sitting in the space for a while. 


Charles Sandison–  His piece Chamber featured a the Denver Art Museum was really wonderful. The work is in a angular/cave-like room where Sandison projects light onto the surfaces of the room, transforming bare walls, ceilings, and corners into dynamic constellations of moving words and figures. Reading his comments about the work make if feel like a hearth or fire pit, the warmth being digital firelight. He had bean bags in the middle of the room so you could lie down and look at these ‘constellations’ the colors and words changing completely create a new space every few minutes. 

“I try to create an almost primitive space. It’s a little bit like a metaphor of a fireplace. Whether it’s a fire lit inside a cave or inside somebody’s home, the magic of light triggers a very fundamental human instinct in us. You know how you gaze into a fire and a little bit lose yourself? So I think even though I’m using technology, I think I’m dealing with something which is actually very primitive that goes deep into the cortex of the brain.”


Sandy Skoglund– I am a big fan of Sandy’s work and it was wonderful seeing her Fox Games featured at the Denver Art Museum. Her work was not in the Embrace! exhibit but was featured in the Modern & Contemporary wing at the DAM. 

Fox Games was painted in opposite colors at the DAM it was grey foxes and a very, very red room, so wonderful to see in person!

Tobias Rehberger– I was so thrilled about Tobias’s piece Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson in the Rain this installation created a maze of brilliant, rainbow colored bungee cords that were strung from floor to ceiling in a small room. It is just a fun interactive space,  getting tangled in the cords and trying to press your way threw tight elastic poles, finding open spaces in between that let you stand in this vibrant world. I also had the pleasure of seeing one of Rehberger’s other pieces at the Museum Ludwig in Köln, Germany the piece on display there is called the chicken-and-egg-no-problem wall-painting which I completely loved as well it was so great to be reminded of the work and that day visiting the museum. 

Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson in the Rain


The chicken-and-egg-no-problem wall-painting


This piece I loved because it was focused around the sculptures as well as the lighting and shadows that were formed. The lighting was a key element that created shapes, colors, and interactive imagery on the walls which extended down the room for about 15-20 ft 

Lawrence Weiner-  AS TO BE IN PLAIN SIGHT  Weiner considers language to be his medium “Even a sentence is an object,” he says. “Everything is an object.” I like the way he calls attention to these phrases as well as love the particular phrases he chooses 

Enrique Martinez Celaya– might be one of my all time favortie painters I have come across in a long time, I saw one of his pieces at the DAM and spent a loong time looking at his website and other work check it out! http://www.whaleandstar.com/emc.html