by alyssa bozekowski

It all started out in the water, a place that looked like Venice, Italy, we were in a boat in an cave, with other similar boats all around us. There was a dock next to us and the cave was lite by fire/candles hanging on the walls I was with two guy friends and I believe my sister was there. We’re all sitting in the boat eating some meal, talking, I can’t really remember what we were doing, another guy friend walks up on the dock, having found us he asks if he can join, I suddenly jump out of the boat, frantically trying not to fall into the other boats, leaping from one to the other leaving the scene? I believe I made it to the other dock leading me out of the cave

It switches to another place and time to a moment when me and my sister are driving in a suburban truck going down a road that has beautiful trees all down the street, we suddenly turn around make a ‘U’ in the middle of the road and Ashley decides she wants to park on this street, we were about to do something. Ashley somehow couldn’t manage to parallel park, I believe I was making fun of her, she got frustrated and starts to drive off giving up on the parking situation. Here we have an argument leaving the space something about driving and probably something else that I can’t remember.  We are fighting and I just remember saying something about “Why don’t you like me” or “you never like like anything about me” I remember hearing in the car a song that I love and my sister not wanting to listen to it. We get to the end of the street and come to a ‘T’ we take a left and all of a sudden the street becomes a Russian neighborhood, it has Russian architecture, signs, and onion domes although it is not cold out, it is a warm sunny day. We start going down this road and I say out loud “I have to remember to come back and photograph this place.” I see down the street there is a huge bridge at the end, looks like the San Francisco Bay bridge. We approach and suddenly the road becomes ropes, while still in the car, we have to play a game and win, to cross to the other side. It’s a password we have to pick one of the ropes to land on which contains a name and if we choose the correct one we get to pass. The ropes are rainbow colored and in the air. We jump (while still in the car) to a pink rope it says some name and is incorrect, second try wrong again, third try we land on a rope that says Christine correct and out of no where an Indian girl pops out between the ropes, she is gigantic, and starts to look at us and maybe start to talk and then I wake up