Colorado in the summer

by alyssa bozekowski

Well I have recently been out photographing because of the great weather here in CO, but also I have been selected to be in an exhibition in Minneapolis so I was gathering together some images for the show as well. I wanted to share some of the work I was doing along with some long exposure landscape  photographs I shot while I was traveling up to Boulder, CO.

I’m continuing my work on the relationship between me and my identical twin sister, I’m really interested in seeing where it goes, I’m at a point where I am struggling to describe or convey the emotions and moments that are unique to our relationship, but hopefully with writing, exploring, and talking between my sister and I, I can come to the point in the work where I feel like I am sharing with my viewers the ideas and world that I so fondly know

Here’s the start:

Here are some long exposure photographs I took up near Boulder, CO