by alyssa bozekowski

Joshua Datu is a London-based illustration designer specializing in the area of Visual Communication and Idea Development. I found his project called DreamScapes and immediately became intrigued, I checked out his work and also found his VACCUUM project super sweet. I love the aesthetic of the digital creation on top of the images, as well as his use of the web and the content it provides as a playground for creating these sci-fi, false realities.  I found this quote from TrendLand “The ‘Dreamscapes’ came about as an exaggeration of how technology continually re-defines our ideas of truth and reality”

Although the images turned out visually captivating, the process of layering and editing several images at once gives more satisfaction because it remains unknown -in a way they are just ‘pretty pictures.’ People are always praising an outcome without understanding its origins – Joshua thinks it would be more interesting if artists only displayed their process.. ”

I agree and josh I appreciate the process and the work!