Massimo Vitali

by alyssa bozekowski

I found some wonderful artists today, inspiration coming from the possibility of scoring an internship at a gallery in the downtown art district here in Denver, CO, prompting me to buff up my contemporary art knowledge.

Massimo Vitali has over the past 12 years developed a new approach to portraying the world, creating highly detailed panoramas of beaches in Italy, taking a wide step back he has observed the crowds of people and in turn shines light onto how a culture/people act but also how humanity looks from far away, literally. He focuses on mass groups of people, one project focusing on night clubs, all of the photographs are an overview of these certain places and capturing the actions and small events created by it’s population and the circumstances of the locations. These photographs seem to me to be a commentary on population and on the act of watching, observing.

He is said to be ‘the F-stop equivalent of Jackson Pollock.’

Through all the ideas and thoughts about what Massimo is trying to convey with his photographs I do just simply enjoy the ‘Where’s Waldo’ effect of the photographs, I can choose to look at them through a few different lights, giving the photographs a lighthearted or serious take.

“Uneasiness? Yes, to put it mildly. Disorienting, though the pictorial space is consistent and logical. It’s more than a comment on the theme of strangers in a crowd. It’s the manner by which the work comments with taut and exquisite intelligence on the same sort of Web 2.0 issues that illuminate such insanely popular social network sites as MySpace and YouTube. That illuminate the apotheosis of the Herd as broached in the latest, greatest Internet commerce sound byte, The Long Tail, those denizens on the ever-flattening end of the Bell Curve that, in the aggregate, make up a silent majority. God help us all.”

Look through all of his projects here