by alyssa bozekowski

Taisuke Koyama’s work entitled ‘Entropix’ is coinage of “entropy”, “picture” and “pixel” Koyama documents the details and surfaces of our artificial world, he photographs in one of the busiest cities Tokyo, Japan.

“I regard the city “Tokyo” that changes at high speed as a living thing dynamically renewed.
This is a series of my photography of the surface of the artificial material and a subtle phenomenon by using macro lens
in the daytime of a sunny day in Tokyo.

Various artificial materials that form a city cannot escape from the increase of entropy just like the living thing and it is
always changing at a molecular level.
Sometimes the dirty rust of the walls looks like human’s cell to me, when they are vivid and animatedly in sunlight.
I walk in Tokyo, cutting out the fragments of the metabolizing city, and I make the image that can be described as
“the organic abstract photography”. http://www.tiskkym.com/blog/