by alyssa bozekowski

In response to the United States tying today against Slovenia!! what an upset and all the excitement of other matches (I know, I know who even cares about soccer* in the US… and the answer is SOME OF US DO lol on a side note I’ve actually seen an increase in excitement & enthusiasm i think this year’s world cup within friends and friends of friends maybe just within my generation) so my response to getting pumped about the world cup 2010 I have found this awesome photographer Hans Van Der Meer that has gone around all of Europe photographing football fields and the gorgeous landscapes that accompany these fields, I think their pretty spectacular! Check ’em out, and happy world cup season! 🙂

Check the full body of work out here HansVanDerMeer

Oppede, France

Marseille, France

Budapest, Hungary

Villanueva De Gallego, Spain

Prato, Italy

Knippla, Sweden

Cheaux, France

Midgley, England