Grandpa Walter P. Jacobs

by alyssa bozekowski

As my family history goes I would give all the credit of my artistic talents and ambitions to my grandfather Walter P. Jacobs (along with my father) but artistic influence it would be my grandpa. Growing up at a young age in North Dakota we would often visit our grandparents in a small town called New England, ND. When visiting we would be doing many family things while all of us kids would be playing up stairs in my grandparents house with all their toys that they have kept over the years for their grandchildren. My favorite part about visiting grandma & grandpa would be grandpa drawing on our hands, he would draw any animal we would request along with the picking the color pen he would draw with. Rabbits, wolves, dogs, cows, birds, really anything we wanted he would draw for us and it would stay on my hand for a good few days until my mom would make me wash my hands. My grandfather has many paintings around the house of North Dakota or places he’s traveled and drawings framed all around the house. I remember these things and value my grandfathers humor, talents, and life experiences that he has shared with me. Recently my aunt has posted a video of my grandfather telling stories, I hope there is more to come and hope you will watch this video of my grandfather Walter P. Jacobs his life stories are filled with humor and amazing experiences, please watch and enjoy and hope you find this man as hilarious and wonderful as I do