New Tunes for the New Year

by alyssa bozekowski

already posted this song before but love the new video to the song, one of my jams

wow up until now I have just heard of die antwoord but upon watching their videos and checking out their music & history it’s pretty unreal, I really love the set design and music video they teamed up well! I’m also really obsessed with the “Zef side” South African slang for “redneck” or “common” their style and visual writings & drawings remind me of the south african photographer Rodger Ballen’s work

volcano choir – unmap- fantastic album! Justin Vernon collaboration with Collections of Colonies of Bees

wish I would have been here at First Avenue in Mpls for ‘The Last Prom on Earth’ what a great live show even got reviews that you can look at here

I’ll take you even if your not bob dylan and even if your from sweden, I’ll take your soothing voice and acoustic guitar any day