Arthur Gonzalez

by alyssa bozekowski

Recently I have been searching for residencies and looking into grants. A family friend introduced me to Arthur Gonzalez’s work, they had the opportunity to work with him in a workshop up at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, CO. I have been really inspired by his work. His sculptures and ceramics have these old story telling qualities because of his textures and finishes. The caricatures that he creates live in this fantasy/ dream world which I think is why I was so drawn to his work. His Pinocchio series is a great example of this, he has created these distorted faces with their elaborate noses. Referencing this children’s story creates an eerie, dark quality to the pieces because of the rough textures, odd found objects, and distorted faces. They are clown like, but remind me of old European or Russian fairy tales because of the darker content incorporated to the artwork.  His work has hispanic and latin qualities that remind me of the props and characters in the movie the Pan’s Labyrinth . I was really excited to come across his work it has given me ideas on how to communicate dream like narratives. Gonzalez also just has stunning and intriguing visuals and techniques, putting him at my favorite ceramic/sculpture artist as of right now

here are some photos of his work, but be sure to check out his full portfolio here