Aaron Huey

by alyssa bozekowski

My good friend Danielle recently introduced Aaron Huey to me. What an incredible photographer that I did not know about! I believe I stumbled upon him earlier but did not give a just view to his work. He has worked with National Geographic, Harper’s, The New Yorker, the Smithsonian magazine, the New York Times, GEO and dozens of others the list goes on!

Please check out his work and his website www.aaronhuey.com

Here are some photographs from his body of work called Pine Ridge. This work is a direct influence and inspiration for what I would like to accomplish as a photographer. Capturing a story so beautifully and still conveying the problem and issues. I would LOVE to work with Aaron on his ongoing body of work with Native Americans and specifically on his project with Pine Ridge Reservation. More inspiration to keep me going/motivated

Please also check out his current project ‘The Pine Ridge Billboard Project’