Osama Esid

by alyssa bozekowski

I found this photographer and am in love with his technical choices with his photographs: that he hand tints all the colors onto his black and white photographs, which create this dreamy/antique looks to his photographs. I think it is unique the way he investigates his own culture and history by formulating bodies of work in a way that questions stereotypes and displays them or connotations that one might have.

“The work of Osama Esid is a visual manifest of the relationship of the West and the Arab world at the turn of the 21st century. The work encourages cultural meeting points and promotes profound mutual awareness by investigating the social preconceptions and stereotypes that have been created on either side in the past.”

The questions that come out of Esid’s work are; How do Westerner’s perceive those they denominate “Orientals”? And how do both westerners and orientals represent those they call “others”?

Please see his other bodies of work his most recent work “Silk Road” is stunning