Fred Sandback

by alyssa bozekowski

I volunteer at The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA Denver) and they have installed a museum-wide exhibition featuring the work of Fred Sandback and has dedicated the entire museum to his work. The exhibition is a survey of his work and is quite beautiful and minimalistic, being that the artwork consists of acrylic yarn. It also brought my attention to the work and life of Fred Sandback which has been my number one goal with volunteering at the museum: expanding my knowledge & interaction with contemporary art.  His sculptures rely on simple gestures, colored yarn strung from the floors, ceilings, and walls to create shapes but call attention to architecture, space, and how a pedestrian interacts and experiences the room. The exhibition in effect has caused attention to the museum’s beautiful architecture, similar to their last show Another Victory Over the Sun which both have an interesting contrast to the way the artwork has highlighted the museum’s architecture.

Here is a training video about the exhibition, our Associate Curator Nora Abrams speaks about the work