Interview with Roger Ballen

by alyssa bozekowski

I have been fasicinated and in love with Roger Ballen’s work since I have began my own career/path through fine art photography.

Here is a beautiful interview with the man himself

Roger Ballen takes us on a journey through 25 years of his work documenting the marginalised rural communities of South Africa.

Here for the 17th Biennale of Sydney, Roger asks some of the big questions in documentary photography discussing objectivity and how to assemble the intricate details that tie a photograph together.

Ballen’s images have been described as dark, strange and humorous. He discusses the undefined territory between fiction and reality and how nothing is repeatable.

This artist talk was filmed on Cockatoo Island on Saturday 15 May 2010 for the 17th Biennale of Sydney:

More about Roger Ballen:

*I found this article on my favorite website AMERICAN SUBURB X