Southwestern Art

by alyssa bozekowski

I have recently been spending a lot of time thumbing through Southwest Art magazine’s, if you haven’t checked out their magazine I suggest you do! Beautiful artwork and arts & crafts to find and get inspiration from… (or maybe not if you do not like southwestern art.. it’s not for you)… but if you do! check it out! The website doesn’t do it justice but I respect that, the publication should have more qualities & benifits for buying the magazine

Here are a few artists I have found to be inspirational or have been dreaming of collecting some of their work

Karen Vance: oil paintings

I love these paintings. In moments they seem like blurry photographs, but I think thats what makes me love them… seeing the brush strokes and detail that went into each piece that give it those surreal and nostalgic feelings.

Clive R. Tyler: pastel and oil

I saw this first painting of his caribou in an advirtisment in a Southwest Art Magazine and it talked about how a collector saw it in a previous edition of the magazine and he called and bought the original that day. I envy this man or women I would love a full 30×40 in my house… some day. The pastel, the colors, the highlights of light and shadow and detail are so stunning in his paintings. One of my favorites!

Don Sahli: oil paintings

Bold strokes and colors! Stunning…

Rebecca Tobey: ceramics & paintings

I adore these sculptures! Beautiful designs and so simple

Saks Galleries Native American Art:

I think I found a love for ceramics and pottery, with such rich culture and history how can you not be entranced by these pieces?