I actually DO feel fine. I also feel jealous of Jonathan Harris and his brilliant ways to telling stories. For one I believe the stories Jonathan is telling are really poignant  in our culture and as an evolving human race. For instance his project entitled “We Feel Fine” Jonathan has developed computer programs that studied and collected blog posts or web ‘foot prints’ of phrases and posts that have the phrase “I feel” or “I am feeling” the project has a wide range of communication through various different visual displays of all the different posts of how everyone was feeling.




Also I find his project entitled “I want you to want me” fascinating. This project studies the different communications on online dating sites. I find Jonathan’s way of displaying and communicating these statistics very intriguing because it seems like thousands and thousands of people are looking & struggling to find someone to connect with, and through this project it displays each individual as a balloon which floats around. This comes across as the balloons are just swimming in a big endless sky trying to connect/bump into one another.


I am also envious of his project “Whale Hunt” which he lived & followed with a family of Inupiat Eskimos in Barrow, Alaska. He documented the event by taking a photo every 5 mins, the rate of taking photos changed by the moments of high adrenaline. His project is online and displayed in various forms again of showing the process and timeline of the whole experience and story.


please also watch his TED Talk

and his most recent lecture on his up and coming project entitled “Cowbird” and more about how Jonathan Harris is “Humanizing the Web” here