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Month: October, 2009

A Great Photography tattoo

My friend Bethy introduced this video for me, I think it’s gonna be a great sleeve 🙂

Camera Sleeve



Surfing USA

Picture 1

Jazz forces you to dance pt.2


Jazz forces you to dance

Watching this video I can’t help but think: ‘What woman doesn’t want a man that can dance?’

Granted this is a stretched statement, but MAN! look at those men go! I believe that a woman thinks at one point where ever they might be, that someday she would love for the person that she is with to say ‘Man this music is great, come dance with me?’ Then pulls off these moves demonstrated in this video. It is probably just the pure attraction of being swept away by the music and having someone sweep you off your feet and throw you around a bit, or maybe thats just me. Well you know how I feel on this issue, this music video has inspired me to learn the Charleston and start learning to dance. 

Also I probably just really want to see more people dance like this, I think this is SO GREAT

The Charleston lives on through Daft Punk

I believe if I’m ever gonna do the Charleston it’s gonna be to this song

Minneapolis In My Heart

Well I had a the best 4 years


I’ll return soon.